about the design

The design features striking reaction-diffusion patterns that mimic the natural growth processes that create coral’s hypnotic textures. Reaction-diffusion systems are mathematical models that describe how substances can spontaneously self-organize into striking patterns as they interact, following the mechanisms of both reaction and diffusion. This algorithm captures the interplay of different chemical morphogens spreading and reacting, similar to how coral polyps gradually build their calcium carbonate structures.

While our lampshades captivate with their visual appeal, they also carry a deeper message, serving as a gentle reminder of how our lifestyle choices influence the environment.Inspired by the fascinating natural phenomenon of coral bleaching, the lampshade design embodies the resilience and potential for recovery found in these delicate organisms. When corals experience stress, such as warm water temperatures, they expel the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn completely white. However, by restoring optimal conditions, these resilient organisms can often recover. The lamp becomes a quiet catalyst for positive change, encouraging individuals to reflect on their own habits and make choices that support a more sustainable future.